AC:NL characters! I want to make a lot more than these but…soon…maybe Q7Q 


Usagi’s best outfit, in my opinion. I really want all her clothes but I’ll have to settle with drawing them instead (˒̩̩̥́௰˓̩̩̥̀⁎)


the awakening


still working on this style + expressions! that was really fun :) (yeah dat bow :DD)


I laughed way too hard.

favorite pink pokemon




young!America starts to understand what it means to be a colony- when he meets Mexico and Brazil for the first time. 

I kinda headcanon America as being quite a precocious and intelligent child, who grew up really fast. So, the thing is seeing how things were in Brazil and Mexico where industries were a lot more extractive and things were more authoritarian, he started to realise how although England treated him well, in some ways, England saw him as a mine of riches that would further enrich the empire. Not quite a “family” or “brother” the same way humans would. 

(Also, I really just wanted to draw more new world babies!) Btw, I imagine young!Mexico and Brazil would have known each other quite well even if they were separately controlled by Spain and Portugal, because of the Iberian Union- and Brazil’s the tallest here because he’s the oldest of the three of them. The latin americans are my own design, but inspired by the latin hetalia community.


world’s oldest and youngest superpower, aka capitalist duo insulting/flirting over economics

and yes yao intentionally uses very poor word choice whenever describing their economic relationship so he sounds like alfred’s sugardaddy because that always gets alfred being asked awkward questions by his boss lol